Exercise Trident Juncture 15

Trident Juncture

  • Exercise Trident Juncture is the next Alliance’s ‘High Visibility’ exercise and flagship activity for NATO’s Connected Force Initiative (CFI).
  • More than 30 countries – including non-NATO nations such as Sweden and Austria, and Suomi Finland – will take part in the exercises in Italy, Spain, and Portugal and in the Mediterranean from Oct. 3 to Nov. 6.
  • This exercise will be conducted in waters of the Strait of Gibraltar with Spain and Portugal as host nations and with Italy’s aerial support.
  • It will be led by the Transformation Command and it will be an exercise of “high intensity and high visibility”. The Trident Juncture is the materializing of the initiative of the so called Connected Forces into specific actions, whose objective for the NATO troops is to stay prepared to react in the case of crisis after the operations in Afghanistan ends at the end of this year.
  • The Movement Coordination Centre Europe has participated in the Initial, Main and Final Movement Coordination Conferences and is offering assistance and support to its Member Nations to coordinate and plan their forces’ deployment/sustainment and redeployment to the exercise area in close coordination with SHAPE J4 Allied Movement Coordination Centre, Mons, Belgium.
  • The Netherlands has kindly offered to take the Lead Nation role for Sealift Plan for the deployment of participant Nations’ troops and sealifted materiel to the exercise areas (Portugal, Spain, and Italy). More than 45.000 lane meters are moved by 7 ships carrying materiel from more than 11 nations.
  • The MCCE will continue to facilitate MN’s movement and transportation requests for deployment and redeployment to the exercise areas and take actively part in AAR coordination during the Exercise execution.
    MCCE AAR cell is involved with the planning and tasking process in regards to all Trident Juncture Air to Air Refuelling.