The MCCE Sealift Cell supports USMARFOR

IMG_0243In May 2016, the MCCE received a request from USMARFOR in Stuttgart, Germany, seeking Sea Lift support to move approximately 1000 LIMS from Fiborgtangen, Norway, to Riga, Latvia. The requested timelines for the move were relatively tight due to the USMARFOR desire to participate in Exercise SABER STRIKE taking place in the Baltics during June 2016.

The MCCE Sealift Cell coordinated the request and managed to broker a match between USMARFOR and UK DSCOM utilising the UK RO/RO HARTLAND POINT to collect the USMARFOR load in Fiborgtangen on 1 June and deliver it to Riga on 4 June. After the exercise, the load will be recovered back to Norway also by means of a UK DSCOM operated RO/RO vessel.


IMG0224 The MCCE Sealift Cell is pleased to support USMARFOR in their participation in Ex SABER STRIKE and we are looking forward to provide future solutions to our US partners again soon.