MCCE support to Ramstein Ambition I 2016

mcce-ramsteinThe execution phase of AIRCOM’s command post exercise (CPX) Ramstein Ambition I 2016 (RAAN I) started with final rounds of spin-up briefings for the training audience from HQ AIRCOM, the two Combined Air Operations Centres at Torrejon and Uedem and the Deployable Air Command and Control Centre (DACCC) at Poggio. The Italian Air Force hosts this routine CPX at their facilities in Poggio Renatico in northern part of Italy.

Until 29 June, about 300 NATO air experts from 25 nations are going to exercise standing up and executing a Joint Force Air Component or JFAC headquarters. This event is a first block in a continuous process enabling staff across the AIRCOM organisation to plan, integrate, synchronise and command airpower capabilities in any Allied joint operation.

RAAN I 16, the experienced planners are looking at sharing their knowledge with newly arrived staff honing their capabilities and expertise to effectively support JFAC operations during future exercises and/or when required in real-world missions.

Like in 2015 MCCE AAR Cell is providing an AAR planner as augmentee to the AAR Control team during this exercise.

The JFAC is responsible for the planning, integration, synchronization and command of airpower capabilities within any Joint Force campaign. HQ AIRCOM is responsible to stand up the NATO Command Structure JFAC for any NATO operation. Depending on the size of the operation, the JFAC may be specially tailored to meet the mission requirements; it can be supplemented from all AIRCOM entities or augmented from other NATO Force Structure or national JFACs as required for NATO missions.

NATO’s strength comes from the combined efforts of all its members through long practice and commitment produce effective combined, joint forces. These forces must be fully-trained and prepared for any potential real-world situation.