Experience a fighter pilot’s perspective during an Air-to-Air Refuelling mission

Of all air power force-multipliers, Air-to-Air Refuelling (AAR) is amongst the most significant.

It provides an essential capability that increases the range, endurance, payload and flexibility of all capable receiver aircraft.

The MCCE AAR Cell objective is to coordinate Participants’ lift and Air-to-Air Refuelling (AAR) capabilities in order to improve efficiency and effectiveness, optimising synergies to coordinate AAR requests and demand for all types of AAR operations.

The MCCE AAR Cell’s role is to coordinate all related activity between MCCE member nations to match requests for support when conducting, for example, routine AAR training, participation in major exercises, and long range deployment operations.

The MCCE AAR Cell performs a broker function by coordinating between the tanker and the receivers. The MCCE coordinates AAR for 19 different member nations and one of these member nations is Poland.

With this amazing 360˚ view you can experience the fighter pilot’s perspective when a fighter is being refuelled by a tanker.

After flying formation with a B-52 you will experience how the Polish F-16 is being refuelled by a US KC-135 tanker.