MCCE – United Nations (Logistics Support Division) Joint Declaration

The Director of the MCCE, Col Franck Verdierre (FRA AF) has the honour to announce that in accordance with its Mission, the MCCE has formalised its relationship with the United Nations Logistics Support Division through the mutual signing of a Joint Declaration.

Signed for the UN by Mrs Anne-Marie Berg, UN/Department of Field Support (DFS), Director of Logistics Support Division, this Joint Declaration forms the mechanism by which both organisations will be able to develop their working relationship.

The UN Logistics Support division has been offered the opportunity to attend the first MCCE National Movement Coordination Centre (NMCC) Commanders’ Conference in the week commencing 9 Oct 2017 at the MCCE in Eindhoven (dates TBC).

In the meantime, on the back of this significant development, mutual effort will be applied in developing communications between both organisations. The aim is to identify and promote synergies and overlaps between UN and MCCE Member Nation transport tasks with the continuing goal of saving money for the MCCE Member Nations and supporting the UN in accordance with the MCCE Mission.

2 thoughts on “MCCE – United Nations (Logistics Support Division) Joint Declaration”

  1. Congratulations on this excellent result.
    I wish both organizations a fruitful and above all satisfactory cooperation in the future.
    Even if everything is difficult at first – go on!

  2. Maritime common transport opportunities to any of the UN Operations in Norther East Africa and West Cost Africa will be very welcomed.
    Rafael Rouco
    MOPS J4A

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