MCCE NMCC Cdrs’ Conference: From 9-11 Oct 17

The MCCE held the first National Movement Coordination Centres Commanders’ Conference. The main objectives were to: offer a platform for SMEs to exchange experiences and information; provide networking opportunities between NMCC’s and International Organisations; and inform NMCC’s/Int Orgs about MCCE capabilities and ongoing initiatives. With 21 Nations and 13 Int Orgs/HQs present for the Conference, the highly informative briefings were aligned around 3 main themes:

  • Ongoing initiatives to improve multimodal strategic movement options
  • Focus briefings on requirements for strategic transport to/from/within Africa
  • Movement coordination in Europe

A special priority was given to Ex Trident Juncture (TRJE 18) with NOR providing a briefing on this major exercise that will involve approximately 35.000 troops. An informal TRJE 18 meeting was convened back-to-back with the Conference in order to profit from the presence of many of the major stakeholders.

Special thanks go to Col Boekholt-O’Sullivan for providing a welcome brief in her capacity as the Eindhoven Air Base Commander and to Gen Chiffoleau and his staff at the EATC for hosting the Conference in their excellent auditorium.

Col Franck Verdierre, Director MCCE.