IST Ops Meeting Tampere

On 4-5 June 2019, Finland hosted the 37th IST ops meeting in Tampere.

MCCE Nations and NSPA were represented with 29 delegates.

National and NSPA Representatives at the IST ops meeting in Finland.

The conference principally focused the attendees’ attention on:

  • Updating on M&T topics, transport procedures and rules either generic IST or railway options;
  • Coordinating US ATLANTIC RESOLVE 2019 fall rotation planned and DEFENDER 20 Exercise CONOPS through short term planning meetings (US Mid Planning Conference (MPC)-Jul 19 and MCCE Coalition Movement WG-Sep 19);
  • Delivering information on AURORA exercise initial conference in SWE, Sep 19.

Also, the NSPA representative briefed the Participants about the Strategic Rail study status.

The research is composed of in gradual phases and the main aims will be:

  • options and requirements for a commercial contract and military options;
  • coherent and coordinated approach with industry (prioritization) on equipment and access to rail networks.