6th Joint Airlift Workshop (JAWS)

From 1-3 October 2019, the MCCE Air Transport Cell hosted the 6th Annual Joint Airlift Workshop (JAWS) at the MCCE on Eindhoven Airbase, The Netherlands.

The course was attended by 31 personnel from 18 nations and agencies.  The objective of the course was to provide personnel with an in-depth knowledge of the airlift capabilities of partner nations and the methods by which to access and exploit those capabilities.

It included briefings from internal MCCE activities, EATC, SALCC, JADTEU (Joint Air Delivery Test and Evaluation Unit), and HAW.

Additionally, attendees also participated in a Rehearsal of Concept (ROC) Drills to provide individuals with an opportunity to use multiple agencies in order to satisfy a transportation requirement based on real-world examples.

Participants to the 6th Joint Airlift Workshop