SEMBACH  15 – 17 Jan 2020

13 Member nations participated in the meeting which was hosted by 598th Military Surface Deployment & Distribution Command (SDDC)

Col. Jin H. Pak (JP), Commander of the 598th welcomed all participants to the US hosted SCC Meeting and provided a presentation about SDDC and especially the tasks of the 598th Trans Brig.

The participating nations presented a national update in order to look for possible cooperation related to Sea Lift. The way ahead for a Lead Nation Concept (LNC) regarding VJTF was, amongst other topics, discussed. For the first time USAFRICOM were represented and took part in the discussion and exchange of information related to movements in and out of the African continent. Mr Anthony Fisher, Deputy Associate Administrator for Commercial Sealift of the Maritime Administration (MARAD), gave a briefing about US strategic sealift underlining the importance of US global reach via sea.

Cdr. DEU Navy Volker Wiesner, national representative to the SCC, participated for the last time in a meeting withing the SCC community. As it is a tradition in the community – the Sea Lift Grand Old man, Mr. Erik Hoefsmit, NLD presented a gift to Volker.

Next SCC meetings will take place 17 – 19 JUNE in Bergen Norway.