SEOS/ATARES Coordination Board Meetings

The Surface Exchange of Services (SEOS) and Air Transport-Air to Air Refueling Exchange of Services (ATARES) Technical Arrangements (TAs) annual Coordination Board conferences were held on January the 29th, hosted by LTU in Vilnius.

The Coordinating Board conferences recorded the presence of more than 45 representatives sent by both TAs National Participants who contributed actively during the meetings.

During the SEOS meeting, Participants received a very interesting presentation given by Mr. Mindaugas Birgiola concerning the offer from AB LG CARGO, as a part of Lithuanian Railways Group, and how it can impact on SEOS exchanges.

During the ATARES Coordination Board meeting, an important proposal to amend the ATARES TA to include HERMES (Harmonised Red Air Means Exchange System) services was approved by all present participants. HERMES comprises “Red Air Means” and other training enablers and will give participants the framework for a wider range of exchanges. Also, possible changes to AAR cancellation policies were discussed.

In conclusion, the Chairman proposed to the national Representatives that the next year’s SEOS/ATARES CB would be held back to back over 2 days allowing some extra time to exchange information, proposals, ideas and provide the opportunity to explore how SEOS/ATARES usage can be further developed amongst the national Participants.