Visit of MCCE to JSEC (ULM) Feb 12, 2020

DIR MCCE, CHOPS and CHSPT visited the Joint Support and Enabling Command (JSEC) in Ulm (GER).

DIR JSEC, BGEN Arco Solkesz (NLDAR), his DCOS SPT and members of his staff welcomed the MCCE-delegation and briefed us on the JSEC organization and its foreseen Roles and Responsibilities, in return DIR MCCE provided our general MCCE-briefing.

Briefings were followed by good open discussions and exchange of ideas on future cooperation and areas of interest where the JSEC could support the MCCE and vice versa.

Meeting was concluded by inviting JSEC staff members to future MCCE-ops meetings and agreement on a follow-up directors’ meeting in June 20.