MCCE Support to main exercises 2021

The Director MCCE joined a planning meeting hosted by the Multi-National Logistics Coordination Centre, in Prague on 18 & 19 August 2020.

The focus for the planning meeting was to better understand the processes and planning methods that will enable Ex CAPABLE DEPLOYER21 (CADR21), which itself supports the US (and partners) Ex DEFENDER21.

The MCCE has offered to support the US Forces, namely 21st TSC, with the challenge of building a Detailed Deployment Plan within LogFAS, whereupon the MLCC hopes to use this data in the main objective of CADR21: to provide more effective Host Nation and Transit Nation support.

The MCCE also hopes to support 21st TSC with the evolving, and complex, movement plan which is set to use many and various modes and capabilities.

During these extraordinary COVID times it is unlikely that the MCCE will be able to host a repeat Coalition Movements Working Group, but it is hoped that a number of well prepared VTCs and reports can provide the coordination of requests and cooperation that will be needed to make DEFENDER21 an interoperability success.