Director MCCE receives ‘Decoration of Merit in Silver’

Our Director, Group Captain Stuart Gregory (RAF) received on February 8th, 2022, the ‘Decoration of Merit in Silver’ of the Netherlands Armed Forces.

This decoration was presented to him by Lieutenant-General Dennis Luyt, Commander of the Netherlands Airforce.

GpCpt Gregory receives this Decoration of Merit because he identifies opportunities and makes a great effort, together with partners like the Air Mobility Command, to increase efficiency and effectiveness of the deployment of Air Mobility.

Although this is far beyond the responsibility of the Group Captain, he, in line with the spirit of the 5th generation Air Force, asserts his role and gives substance to better coordinate international networked cooperation.

His efforts benefit NATO, the MCCE’s partner nations as well as the Netherlands. A notable example is the airbridge to West-Africa, in close cooperation with the United States Africa Command, the Heavy Airlift Wing in Hungary and the Air Mobility Command.

Next to that, his dedication to further improve international cooperation on Eindhoven Airbase is exemplary to the person Gregory!