AAR Ops Meeting Antalya

On 18-19th October 2022, the 27th MCCE AAR OPS Meeting took place in Antalya, Türkiye.

This meeting was one of the four MCCE OPS Meetings that was conducted back-to-back.

There were 19 participants from 9 MNs (BEL, DEU, DNK, ESP, FRA, ITA, POL, TUR, USA) and 4 organizations (EUCOM, EATC, MCCE, METREA).

The meeting focused the MNs attention predominantly on:

  • ATARES based cooperation
  • Trust and interoperability among the Nations
  • Commercial AAR services
  • National Updates
  • Steadfast Noon 22 Exercise AAR Support
  • MCCE support for operations, exercises and training in peace time.