The 3rd NMCC Commanders Forum took place in EINDHOVEN (NLD) from 14 – 16 February 2023.

After two earlier attempts had to be cancelled because of new COVID increases and restrictions, the MCCE succeeded in hosting this forum for the first time since 2019.

After a 4-year gap, this forum was a unique opportunity to meet all new NMCC Cdrs, POC’s from partner organisations, and MCCE personnel.

During this time, many rotations have taken place. The aim of this event was to reconnect the network amongst the NMCC Commanders and to discuss movement coordination best practices.

The concept has moved from a conference to a forum, with a bigger focus on interactions & discussions between the participants.

The first day focussed on introductions and updates about current business and challenges.

On the second day, participants were asked to develop ideas on how the MCCE can improve, and how our community could develop better international cooperation.

The outcome of these discussions will be used to improve our services. Future forums aim to increase the level of discussions and interactions between all participants.