On 11 April, the Eisenhower School Class of 2023, led by Dr. Stephen J. Dubernas (Defense Logistics Agency Chair) and Cdr Daniel D. Brown, USN (Military Instructor) visited the MCCE.

The class consisted of 12 high-ranking USA military officers and civilians participating in the National Defense University Transportation and Logistics Industry Study Course

The delegation was provided an overview about the mission and capabilities of the MCCE and its growing relationships.

The class received briefings from the MCCE Director and Transport Cell Chiefs, and participated in open discussions focused on the increasing Inland Surface Transport support to the USA.

The benefits for the USA to join SEOS and its advantageous partner initiatives, and the MCCE’s continued cooperation with the USA were also examined.

The Dwight D. Eisenhower School (established in 1924) for National Security and Resource Strategy is a college within the National Defense University.

Its mission is to prepare selected military and civilians for senior leadership positions by conducting postgraduate, executive level study and research.

Special emphasis is placed on materiel acquisition and joint logistics and their integration into the national security strategy.