German mission “Active Fence Turkey” unloads in Lübeck Harbour Germany

On Wednesday morning, the German-Danish ARK project ship “Britannia Seaways” arrived into the port of Lübeck. The ship immediately started to unload the Patriot systems from the German mission “Active Fence Turkey”, which has been deployed in Turkey for almost three years.
The employees from the “Lübecker Hafen-Gesellschaft (LHG)” unloaded 172 vehicles, 121 containers and 21 modules, which can be built into a command and control center. 24 container with the missiles from the system were already unloaded in Emden, explained Commander Claus-York Harder from the Bundeswehr Logistics Centre, because these explosive goods was too dangerous to unload in the civilian port of Lübeck.

The mission in Turkey sailed off from the “Skandinaviankai” in Lübeck coicidentally with the same ship three years ago. The Patriot anti-aircraft missiles system has been stationed in Turkey to prevent possible missiles attack from the civil war state in Syria. The German mission ended last year.
The units drove back from Lübeck to their bases in Husum and Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania.