Lt Gen De Longvilliers (DCOM HQ AIRCOM) Visit to the MCCE

DCOM HQ AIRCOM Photo 1On 13 Jan 2016, the Director welcomed the Deputy Commander HQ Allied Air Command (DCOM HQ AIRCOM), Lt Gen De Longvilliers, to the MCCE for an official visit along with his MA, LTC Gentet.

The visit provided an excellent opportunity for the Director to showcase the excellent support the MCCE has provided to HQ AIRCOM through the provision of Capt Blaauw from our AAR Cell in support of Ex RAMSTEIN AMBITION 2015 and also when deployed to Poggio Renatico to coordinate AAR missions in the CAOC during Ex TRIDENT JUNCTURE 2015. Additionally, the Projects and Planning Cell provided SME assistance in the development of the Airlift Coordination Centre (ALCC) concept under the Joint Logistics Support Group structure and hosted a visit by the HQ AIRCOM ALCC project team. Plans for future cooperation include more MCCE support for AIRCOM exercises as part of the JFAC and ALCC, possible placement of an AIRCOM LNO at the MCCE for a short period of familiarisation and also an assessment of how the MCCE could support NATO regarding Assurance Measures for E3 AAR operations.

During a tour of the MCCE, the Director explained to Lt Gen De Longvilliers how the Operational Cells provide direct support to MCCE Member Nations and supported agencies via an ever changing network of POCs, sourcing lift and AAR solutions through organic military assets and commercial contracts.