Commander of the Deployable Air Command and Control Centre (DACCC) Visit to the MCCE

The Director of the MCCE, Col Franck Verdierre (FRA AF), welcomed Major General A.F. Kraak (NLD AF) for a visit to the MCCE on 22 June 2017. Gen Kraak is the Commander of the Deployable Air Command and Control Centre (DACCC) and is based in Poggio Renatico, Italy.

DACCC Mission

The Mission of the NATO DACCC is to prepare the Deployable Air Control Centre, Recognized Air Picture Production Centre/Sensor Fusion Post (DARS), the Deployable Sensor Section (DSS) and the Deployable Air Operations Centre (D-AOC) for their operational roles, enable forward deployment of the Joint Force Air Component (JFAC) and finally conduct initial functional JFAC training for assigned JFAC personnel within AIRCOM.

The main touch points between the DACCC and the MCCE are:

  • Developing and supporting the NATO Specialized Heavy Air Refuel Course (SHARC) through invitations to MCCE AAR staff to attend the course and the MCCE providing SHARC qualified instructors to assist in course facilitation.
  • Supporting each other in order to improve the effectiveness and efficiency of the respective organisations, for example in the fields of supporting multinational NATO CPX or NATO mission support activities.
  • Promoting further cooperation in the Air-to-Air refuelling area regarding coordination of missions, clearance processes and AAR interoperability.

In order to formalise the relationship and continue to develop the above points, Gen Kraak took the opportunity to sign mutual Letters of Intent between the MCCE and the DACCC, securing the working relationship for the future.

As part of his visit, Gen Kraak also took part in a briefing and discussion period about the MCCE and attended an Ops update focussing on AAR and AT activities.