3rd Africa Distribution Network Forum

MCCE hosted the 3rd African Distribution Network Forum (ADNF) in Eindhoven, 29-30 October 2019. In total 11 nations as well as Multinational organizations such as HAW, EUMS, NSPA were present at the conference.

The ADNF is established as an annual meeting of key logistics stakeholders in support of logistics within the continent of Africa. The forum is intended to develop US partner nations and international organizations in relation to the Joint Logistics Enterprise. The ADNF builds awareness of logistics/capabilities and identifies opportunities for future collaboration between strategic partners.

The theme for ADNF 2019 was “Implementing Logistics in Operations and Capacity Building”.

The forum was a great meeting opportunity for the participating nations and Multinational organizations to exchange information and points of view on many important movement and transportation related issues in Africa.