25th MCCE Working Board

The 25th MCCE WB meeting was held on 05-06 Nov 2019 in the “Försvasmedicincentrum” of the Swedish Armed Forces in Gothenburg.  The Swedish hosts did a great job both in the preparation of the meeting as with the amazing support throughout the whole course of the meeting.

The social event, hosted in the officer’s mess, with a fantastic view on Gothenburg’s harbour, allowed the participants to discuss further on several Movement and Transport topics, thus strengthening the network that holds the base of the success of MCCE.

The Dutch DMTO (Dutch Movement and Transport organisation) and NSPA (NATO Supply and Procurement Agency) representatives provided the participants with excellent insights on their organisations and some topics of particular interest.

Participants to the 25Th  MCCE Working Board meeting

The meeting also marked the end of an era: the Working Board Chairman, BEL Lt.Col. (Ret) Johnny Laurent, presided his last MCCE Working Board meeting.

Lt.Col. Laurent has a remarkable career when it comes to the MCCE. Involved in the initial meetings about the establishment of MCCE in 2006 and 2007, member of the MCCE working board as BEL representative since 2008, Chairman of the Workgroup Best Practice which evolved into the Standing Advisory Workgroup we know today and from 2017 Chairman of the Working Board, he has been a faithful and important companion and support to the MCCE and the objectives and values it pursues.

We wish him all the best with his future endeavours.

MCCE Director Group Captain Gregory Stuart and Lt.Col. (Ret) Johnny Laurent