Annual EUMS – MCCE meeting

On November 27, 2019 EUMS and MCCE held their annual information meeting at the premises of the MCCE in Eindhoven. The four-member EUMS-delegation, led by Colonel Marc Huiskes, Resources & Support Branch Chief, briefed about several topics of mutual interest, such as the Military Mobility Action Plan and some movement related PESCO projects, to include the Logistic Hub project and the co-Basing project. The MCCE gave an overview of the possible support they can provide in the planning process of EU exercises and operations, in particular by improving the knowledge of the LOGFAS planning tool. 

EUMS also invited MCCE to the 14th Deployability Conference in Split (HRV), in March 2020 and requested MCCE to brief about the MCCE operational matrix with regards to a Cross Border Permission Network, which is in planning to be built up. Furthermore, participation of the MCCE in EUBG planning conferences will be investigated. In conclusion, an excellent meeting providing better insight in each other’s current and future activities. Next meeting will be scheduled in Q3 2020. 

EUMS-MCCE Annual meeting participants