Africa Resupply Meeting 

Following the USAFRICOM Africa Distribution Network Forum (ADNF), which was hosted by MCCE  during Oct 2019 at Eindhoven, two new project areas were identified where it was believed MCCE could develop a leading role in information coordination on African logistics; they consist in the creation of an Africa Info Hub and an initiative to capture African Resupply requirements for MCCE MNs.

Africa Info HUB

It was apparent that there was no single place where to obtain/share information on African transportation routes and schedules operated by Nations deployed in Africa. Feedback from MCCE MNs was an Africa Info HUB would be of benefit for planning deployment/redeployment/sustainment. Therefore, MCCE started collecting information on African transportation routes for all modes of transport.

The latest information is available on the MCCE secured website: MCCE Cells/Plans/Africa info HUB.

Africa Resupply

CAN had proposed potential use of their logistics hub in Cologne by MCCE MNs as a European Hub for Air Transport to Africa.

CAN and MCCE organized a video conference meeting (27 May, 2020) with participants who were present at the ADNF meeting in October 2019 (CAN, DNK, GBR, NOR, USA, EATC, MCCE).

Main topics discussed during the meeting were:

  • Resupply Challenges
  • Cooperation challenges (National Policies, current COVID restrictions, resources, etc)
  • African destinations by Nation.
  • Current National planned movements into / intra Africa
  • CAN Hub in Cologne, including known restraints on shipping through Cologne
  • CAN Hub in Dakar as potential African Hub.
  • LUX framework contract for freight movement by Air.

CAN and MCCE would like to extend this project to all other MCCE nations who are interested in African transport information and solutions. In order to maximise information sharing and cooperation potential, all contents (including the meeting recording) is shared on the MCCE secured website (MCCE Cells/Plans/Africa Resupply VTC). Interested Nations can always contact for additional information.